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New Labour Leader May Drop 2030 Net Zero Climate Target

The Independent

Labour could drop the ambitious 2030 climate crisis target it adopted under Jeremy Corbyn, the party’s new leadership has said.

A spokesperson for Keir Starmer said that he had supported the plans included in Labour’s last manifesto, but that the party had lost the election.

The Green New Deal policy adopted under the previous leadership included the aim of a path to net zero carbon by the year 2030, based largely on massive public investment in green technology.

The suggestion that the commitment could be dropped has prompted an outcry from MPs on the left of the party and concern among activists.

24 MPs from the left of the party, including Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, and Diane Abbott, have written a letter endorsing the proposal, arguing that it amounts to “necessary and urgent action”.

They call on the party to remain committed to the 2030 target, a ban on fracking, public ownership of the energy sector, and other measures like welcoming climate refugees and green public transport.

Keir Starmer’s spokesperson said: “The last manifesto made a number of really important commitments on this, which Keir supported, but we lost the election and Labour lost five years in government to tackle climate change.

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