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New Paper Finds ‘Striking Mismatch’ Between Data & Models For Present & Last Interglacial

The Hockey Schtick

More of the daily dose of bad news for climate models:

A paper published today in Quaternary Science Reviews finds climate models are unable to reproduce the known climate change of Greenland and the Southern Hemisphere during the present and last interglacial periods. The authors attribute these major problems to either an incorrect balance of feedbacks, or to unknown mechanisms not included in the models, stating,

“the model-data mismatch in mid and high Southern Hemisphere latitudes implies that none of the models is able to resolve the correct balance of these feedbacks, or, alternatively, that interglacial Southern Hemisphere temperature trends are driven by mechanisms which are not included in the transient simulations, such as changes in the Antarctic ice sheet or meltwater-induced changes in the overturning circulation.

“the strong LIG [Last InterGlacial] cooling trend reconstructed from Greenland ice cores that is not simulated by any of the models. Astriking model-data mismatch is found for both the PIG [Present InterGlacial] and the LIG [Last InterGlacial] over large parts of the mid-to-high latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere where the data depicts negative temperature trends that are not in agreement with near zero trends in the simulations.”

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