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New York Times Blames Winter Chill on Global Warming, Again

Eric Worrall, Watts Up With That

As temperatures plummet in Eastern states, NYT has published their usual screed on why global warming is responsible for cold winters.


On Thursday, temperatures on the East Coast are expected to plummet, and some people — fellow journalists and weather broadcasters, we’re looking at you — may start talking about a “polar vortex.”

We thought you might want to know what the polar vortex is, and what it’s not.

(And we wanted to pre-empt the inevitable chatter about climate change that usually crops up when the thermometer drops — “It’s bone-shakingly cold, how could the Earth be warming?” We’ll tell you how.)…

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New York Times published similar articles blaming global warming for extreme winter weather in 201420132011201020092008

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