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New York Times Reports That Global Warming Has Toppled Gov’ts… Then Deletes It

Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller

The United Nations’ latest climate report says that man-made global warming is causing natural disasters, food crises and… the collapse of governments?

That’s what The New York Times originally reported on Sunday about the U.N.’s climate report– before deleting the claim in a subsequent version of the article without issuing a statement noting the correction.

“In the starkest language it has ever used, the [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] made clear how far society remains from having any serious policy to limit global warming,” the Times reported of the U.N. climate report.

“The report contained the group’s most explicit warning yet about the food supply, saying that climate change had already become a small drag on overall global production, and could become a far larger one if emissions continued unchecked,” the Times reported, echoing claims often made by so-called climate alarmists. The Times then said the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report claimed “in recent years the world’s food system had shown signs of instability, with sudden price increases leading to riots and, in a few cases, the collapse of governments.”

At least that’s what the Times article published on Sunday night said (and a syndicated version published on the Alaska Dispatch News still makes the claim). But when The Daily Caller News Foundation looked again Monday morning, the claim that global warming was contributing to “the collapse of governments” was no longer there. A cached copy of the article shows it included the “collapse of governments” claim on Sunday night.

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