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The Central England Temperature Record is the Met Office’s preferred measure of UK temperature, at least as far as climatology is concerned. Although the number of sites underlying the record is tiny and all of them are situated in the Midlands, how these stations have changed over time is well understood. That means that any corrections applied to the record will be as reliable as they can be. And the series is very long, going right back to 1659 (although a pinch of salt is necessary if one is to take the early part of the record seriously).

It’s always interesting to see just how much global warming we are on the receiving end of here in the UK, according to this Rolls-Royce of temperature records. After all, climate change means that flowers are flowering earlier, birds are arriving earlier from their wintering grounds, and that all manner of ills are currently befalling us.

Doesn’t it?

Here’s the graph:

So it would be fair to say that there has been no warming at all in the Central England Temperature Record for 30 years. Thirty years! This is rather remarkable in my opinion. We are supposed to be in a climate emergency, you know.

But temperatures haven’t changed since I was a student.