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Greens Defeated As Norwegian Voters Snub Anti-Oil Push

Oil & Gas Journal

An election seen partly as a referendum on Norway’s future as an oil-producing country went solidly for the status quo.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg of the center-right Conservative Party and her main collation partner, the Progress Party, won 89 seats in Norway’s 169-seat Parliament, defeating a group led by the Labor Party that was projected to win 80 seats.

Before the election, weakening of the Labor coalition was thought to have created an opportunity for the Green Party to gain influence. The Greens campaigned to halt oil and gas exploration and to phase out the Norwegian oil industry in 15 years.

But the party only retained its single seat, winning an estimated 3.3% of the vote.

No Conservative-led Norwegian government has retained power in an election since 1985.

The Labor Party was projected to lose 6 of its 55 seats but to remain Norway’s largest single party.

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