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Now There’s A Climate Shift On Climate Shift Itself

For years we’ve been hectored by the climate-change “experts”. I had an open mind on the subject but now I feel myself moving into the sceptic camp. I’m not alone. According to a Harris poll in America, those who believe the release of greenhouse gases is affecting the climate has dropped from 71% two years ago to only 51% now. My conversion is a result of all the mistakes, untruths, exaggerations and suppression of data on the part of the warming lobby.

If they’re so sure of their case, I reason, why do they need to fiddle?

And I’m dubious about their leader, Rajendra Pachauri – an engineer, not a scientist. His novels – full of racy romps and voluptuous breasts – could leave him accused of raising the temperature all on his own.

Meanwhile, the Government is pouring millions into mysterious “studies” like “Climate change impacts on Chinese agriculture” or how to help the Indian insurance industry profit from carbon credits.

That’s your money and mine.

We need an honest debate about this issue.

Wales Online, 9 February 2010