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Oh Dear: European Airline Emissions Grow Despite Climate Targets

Financial Times

European airlines have continued to increased their carbon emissions despite an industry target to cut them to half their 2005 levels by the middle of the century, a new report has said.

The European Aviation Environmental Report, produced by the EU’s environment and aviation safety agencies, found that net CO2 emissions from aviation had increased by 3 per cent to 136m tonnes between 2014 and 2017. The industry has set targets to cap net emissions from 2020 and to reduce by half by 2050 from 2005 levels.

Karima Delli, a member of the European Parliament and chair of its committee on transport and tourism, said: “While the benefits of air transport for EU citizens are clear in terms of mobility and connectivity, the sector represents a growing challenge for the environment in the years to come.”

The increase of 3 per cent in net carbon emissions includes the effect of the EU’s emissions trading system; without that, the increase was actually 10 per cent. The report predicted that carbon emissions would increase by 21 per cent to 2040.

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