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Owen Paterson Stands By Science

Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

David Cameron’s foolish linking of the recent floods to climate change has left him in a bit of a pickle. With the Met Office having already said there is no evidence of an increase in flooding the Prime Minister finds himself having to oppose the massed guns of mainstream science.

I have no problem with arguing with mainstream scientists of course, but it’s fun to watch Mr C’s discomfort as he tries to extricate himself from the mire into which he has blundered. Owen Paterson must be feeling rather smug now, and has refused to change his tune and back the PM’s position. This has created all sorts of problems for the greens, who have been running a rather active Twitter campaign to unseat Paterson in recent weeks. If they argue on the one hand that we should trust the scientists on global warming then they are going to struggle to say we should jettison their views on the floods.

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