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Oxford Debate: Green Growth – Is It Losing Lustre?

Oxford Analytica

Green growth – Is it losing lustre?

The Oxford Analytica Conference, 18 September, Christ Church Oxford

With many advanced economies questioning whether they can afford low-carbon policies and investments in renewable energy, emerging markets account for a growing share of global investment in ‘green’ energy.

Yet fiscal pressures are raising doubts in these countries, too, jeopardising the global green growth transition. In this climate, it is no surprise that large-scale private investment in ‘green’ sectors has yet to materialise due to perceived risks and the relative novelty of the market. That is unlikely to change until governments create the enabling conditions needed for business to drive forward the next generation of green growth.

Jens Tholstrup
Managing Director, Global Economic Consultancy


Lord Deben
Chairman, Committee on Climate Change, UK

Martin Chilcott
CEO and Founder, 2degrees

Simon Wilde
Senior Managing Director, Power, Utilities & Renewables, Macquarie Capital, London

Dr Benny Peiser
Director, The Global Warming Policy Foundation

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