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Pachauri: IPCC Future Not Tied To Paris Climate Deal

Vishwa Mohan, Times of India

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the leading UN body for the assessment of climate change, will continue its work, no matter whether countries arrive at a global climate deal next year in Paris or not. Its successive science-based reports had always been key inputs for negotiators in the past over two decades. 

The IPCC had come out with its last (fifth) assessment report in November ahead of the Lima climate talks. It is also most likely to come out with its sixth assessment report in future, bringing more scientific information to the table for policy-makers and general public on causes and impact of climate-damaging greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. 

Amid speculation over the future of the IPCC once it submitted its ‘synthesis’ report, its chairman R K Pachauri said his expectation was that the body would also come out with the sixth assessment report (AR6) and a decision in this regard would hopefully be taken by member countries in February, 2015.

“Whether it is going to be structurally identical to the fifth assessment report (AR5) or whether it would be different would be clearer by the end of February when the next plenary of the IPCC takes place”, he told the TOI. 

Asked about future of this Nobel Prize winning UN body, Pachauri said, “I think the work of the IPCC will continue as there is also growing desire on the part of the scientific community across the world to contribute to the work”. 

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