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Palace Tensions As Charles Intends To Become An ‘Activist’ King

Nicholas Hellen and Tim Shipman , The Sunday Times

Prince Charles has decided he will be an “activist” king who will remain outspoken on issues he cares about, according to a new biography, provoking “tensions” with Buckingham Palace about the royal succession.

The book, by Catherine Mayer, Time magazine’s former London bureau chief, claims that Charles is resisting pressure to “taper off” his interventions on green issues and architecture.

The Sunday Times understands that Charles has repeatedly rebuffed attempts by Buckingham Palace officials to get him to spend more time preparing to be head of state.

Senior figures around the Queen fear he intends to remain “an advocate” for his passionately held views.

Mayer — the first of four biographers set to publish in the months ahead — describes Charles as “a royal activist” who is compared by some who know him to “a British Al Gore”, the former American vice-president who has become an outspoken campaigner on climate change. Courtiers say Charles will “cast his ambitions far wider” than simply green issues.

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