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Paris: After The Deadlock, Waiting For The Breakthrough

Tom Arup, The Sydney Morning Herald

An historic global deal to limit and tackle climate change is a step closer after a final draft agreement has been completed at the United Nations conference in Paris.

After nearly a fortnight of negotiations, and several days in which exhausted country representatives had thrashed out details through the day and night, French and UN officials have completed an edit to present to ministers Saturday night Australian time.

“We have a text to present,” an official in the office of Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said, according to news agency Agence France-Presse.

The text was being translated into the six languages of the UN before being distributed, and then debated at a special session on Saturday – beyond the original Friday deadline for the talks.

Observes reported a growing sense on Saturday morning in Paris that significant progress had been made overnight to bridge the key disputes between different blocs of countries, particularly leading industrialised nations, including the US and Australia, and major emerging economies led by China and India.