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Paris Pack Of Cards Face Collapse

Clark Cross, The Conservative Woman

The usual mantra of the climate-change alarmists  is ‘time is running out to save the planet’. Well, I am pleased to adapt this to ‘time is running out to save the Paris Agreement’. The cosy consensus, if there ever was one, on reducing greenhouse gases is falling apart.

Australia’s new energy minister, Angus Taylor, has made it clear that he is not remotely interested in reducing carbon emissions. His priority is to end all wind farm and solar subsidies and use Australia’s vast coal reserves to provide cheap reliable electricity.

European carmakers have openly questioned the EU’s 2021 car emission goals, rejecting tougher reduction targets planned for 2030.

Germany’s states, where 65,000 jobs depend on coal-fired power generation and lignite mining, are pressurising Angela Merkel to keep coal power for as long as 30 years.

The only reason that developing countries signed up to the Paris Agreement was the promise to give them a share of $100billion annually from 2020. Donald Trump has said that America will not contribute.

Just watch the Paris pack of cards collapse.

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