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Parliament’s Devotion To The Religion Of Climate Change Might Be Ending

Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph

Ever since the week in October 2008 when our MPs voted almost unanimously for the Climate Change Act, I have been trying to explain here why this was the most disastrous Act ever passed by Parliament. This insane piece of legislation, committing us to a far greater cut in our emissions of CO2 than any other country in the world, could only eventually lead to the almost total destruction of our economy.

But now, at long last, it seems we have someone in a position of influence who recognises this. Nick Timothy, described as Theresa May’s “right hand man”, last April publicly described the Climate Change Act as “a unilateral and monstrous act of self-harm”.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change is to be abolished. Responsibility for energy policy (no mention of “climate change”), has been returned where it belongs, to the ministry in charge of strategy for our trade and industry.

If this marks the beginning of the end for the most damaging collective flight from reality in Britain’s history, it is easily the most far-reaching achievement so far of Mrs May’s premiership.

But we must never forget that all but five of our MPs voted for this lunacy, without any conception of what they were setting in train. The only way they can now atone for such criminal irresponsibility is by repealing the Climate Change Act completely.

The Sunday Telegraph, 17 July 2016