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Peter Foster: Official Dimmery Abounds Across The West

What a shame to see the lights go out on Earth Hour, the global WWF fundraiser that persuades the young, the naive and the scared to inconvenience themselves on Saturday evening. Enthusiasm for the dim-bulb stunt appears to have waned in line with climate hysteria, although the WWF is doing its best to keep activism alive in the classroom, the cubicle and the corporate suite.

Certainly, there will still be lots of official dimmery. Tourist attractions destined for the dark side include the Brandenburg Gate, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Empire State Building, and St. Peter’s in Rome, where the Pope will be resting up after his return from Cuba. No need for Cuba or North Korea to make special commitments; they are always dim on a Saturday night. They are also indicators of what government-controlled “sustainable development” would ultimately look like.

The WWF has lots of great ideas for participation. Here’s a really important one, kids: have a contest to see who can “raise the most funds for WWF.” Also, turn your gym into a movie theatre and show scary environmental movies. Send postcards to Stephen Harper demonstrating your support for alternative energy. Tell him you want Canada to look more like Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario.

The WWF also has lots of helpful advice for property managers who support a “living planet.” My favourite is “During Earth Hour … stand outside your building to get a picture of which units have turned off their lights. Using two-way radios, visit the units with the lights on and remind residents about Earth Hour.” Oh, and “that it is a voluntary commitment.”

Not everyone has left the sinking ship. The NHL remains supportive of darkness, as does the Philippine National Police, although a spokesman was at pains to stress that they would be on hand to protect people and property during the hour of no power. This tacitly acknowledges that there is a correlation between darkness and crime, as there is between darkness and ignorance, and darkness and poverty. Indeed, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon acknowledged as much when he suggested that people were turning off their lights in solidarity with the “men, women and children, 20% of all humankind, who live with no access to electricity.” He didn’t explain how inconveniencing ourselves is going to help these poor people into the light. Oh, I forgot, the climate scam isn’t about the environment at all; it’s an excuse to boost the employment security of UN employees who redistribute cash to kleptocrats.

Ban Ki-moon isn’t the only celebrity still on board. HGTV’s Mike Holmes recommends reaching for the off switch. After all, Mr. Holmes, who has become a kind of Bizarro version of Don Cherry, has seen climate change up close. “I can’t tell you how many times my crew and I have been driven off jobs because of the weather,” he says.

Perhaps the most intriguing human interest story dug up by the obviously desperate WWF organizers is of two young Libyans who have promoted the lights being turned out in Tripoli. This gave Andy Ridley, co-founder of Earth Hour, an opportunity to try to link Earth Hour with the Arab Spring. “This inspiring story emerging from Libya shows that if you believe in something strongly enough, you can achieve amazing things.” The intriguing bit about the Libyan connection is that the Gaddafi regime got praise from the WWF for its $3-billion Green Mountain Conservation and Development Authority, which was meant to be the world’s first “sustainable region.”

As noted, the main problem for an Earth Hour linked to climate change is that climate is so, like, 2008. Although you would never know it from reading the mainstream media, reality is even slipping into the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The IPCC this week admitted — although as impregnably as possible — that you couldn’t link extreme weather to humanity, and that mounting weather-related insurance claims have nothing to do with increasing bad weather, but are rather due to increasing property values. Climate scientist Roger Pielke Jr. congratulated the IPCC on (for once) accurately reflecting the state of scientific uncertainty.

Meanwhile, the climate policy process is collapsing. How often did President Barack Obama mention climate change during his recent “all-of-the-above” U.S. energy tour?” Not once. In Europe, Britain is abandoning its plans to force corporations to report their greenhouse gas emissions as it comes under increasing assault for its disastrously costly alternative energy policies (although the lights will still go out on Saturday Night at Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament). Poland has blocked new European Union emissions targets. Other East European members of the EU are increasingly inclined to block targets permanently. The Global Warming Policy Foundation’s Benny Peiser notes that the reason nobody has heard much about the rebellion in Brussels is that “climate policy is no longer a big item on the EU’s agenda and the climate mania is gradually coming to an end after almost 20 years.”

And with it, fortunately, ecofascist nonsense such as Earth Hour.

Financial Post, 30 March 2012