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Petition For Philippe Verdier To Be Reinstated In His Job At France Télévisions

Collectif des climato-réalistes

Philippe Verdier, a journalist in charge of the weather service of the French public TV channels France Télévisions, is threatened in his job and his career for having published a non-conformist book about climate.

Even if he emphasizes that he is not a climate skeptic, Philippe Verdier points out in his book all the erring ways of climate policies. He also criticizes the IPCC and its ideological views that have just nothing to do with science.

The origin of his book is Laurent Fabius’ explicit and recent attempt to get full support of all French weathermen prior to COP21, the international climate conference that will be held in Paris late November. Laurent Fabius is the French Foreign Minister and also the future president of this conference.

In January, citizens from all countries in the world stood up for freedom of speech, with « Je suis Charlie » as a motto. Time has come to stand up again. The Collectif des climato-réalistes call on you to sign this petition regardless of your opinion about climate change.

To sign petition go here