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Dear Mr Corbyn: Revise Labour’s Ban on Fracking

Vincent Booth

Dear Mr Corbyn

With regard to the Labour Party ban on fracking in the UK.

As you know, at the Party Conference in September 2016, it was announced that the next Labour government will ban fracking in the UK. Also that you have stated, ” I will commit to generating 65% of Britain’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030”. If this is achieved, gas will still supply a large percentage of the UK energy.

We ask you to revisit the ban on fracking in the UK, and change this to a moratorium, utilise consultants with the required expertise to report on the benefits or disadvantages of fracking in the UK with regards to the following points:

• Where will the UK get natural gas from when the North Sea reserves are depleted, this to gain independence from overseas supplies (Russia and Qatar are possible future concerns)
• To determine the future cost of renewable electricity to industry and domestic customers (renewable electricity at the moment is typically more than five times the cost of natural gas).
• The cost and time scale to move to a renewable energy infrastructure (25 years at least?).
• The employment opportunities fracking will bring (or be lost) to the UK.
• The tax revenue benefit to the UK and the reduction in the balance of payment deficit.

Out of the total energy used in the UK, some 47% is provided by natural gas to industry and domestic users.

Some 80% of British homes are heated by natural gas, supplied from, the North Sea, Norway, Russia, Qatar, and a small amount from Europe. The North Sea reserves are falling, so in the near future we will have to import more gas. The UK should not be dependant on Russia and Qatar, for stability of supply, and possible future price increases.

Also consider the cost of supply to domestic customers.
Renewable energy (wind, solar and tidal) produces electricity which is nearly five times the cost of gas.

In a free market people take the best value for money option, and will stay with gas at the more competitive price. That gas is best supplied from within the UK. (If the policy to ban fracking is based on the uncontrolled loss of methane to the atmosphere, that loss will still occur in Russia, and would be better controlled by UK operations).

Regulated fracking, can by 2030 supply all of the UK usage of gas, making us more independent financially, more secure from World events, and provide many UK jobs.

Also note, recently Stephan Tindale a past director of Greenpeace said “I’m convinced fracking’s the only solution to energy problems, but today Britain faces its biggest environmental challenge ever — tackling global warming while still keeping the lights on. As a lifelong champion of the Green cause, I’m convinced that fracking is not the problem but a central part of the answer”. The UK natural gas being used to replace imported coal, used in coal-fired power stations. Natural gas emits approximately half the amount of CO2 released by coal in electricity generation. This imported coal adds to the negative balance of payments.

The British people voted recently to gain more control and independence from Europe. The Labour Party should support well regulated fracking and achieve those objectives re our future energy needs.

Yours Faithfully
Vincent Booth, Labour Party member

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