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Poll: Most Americans Don’t Believe In Man-Made Global Warming

Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller

According to a Pew Research Center poll, 35 percent of Americans say there is not enough solid evidence that mankind is warming the Earth while another 18 percent says the world has warmed due to “natural patterns” and not human activity. That’s a 53 percent majority against President Obama’s position.

Steadfast and Business Conservatives Say No Solid Evidence of Global Warming

Of the 35 percent who cite lacking evidence for their disbelief, half say it’s because man-made global warming is “just not happening”. The other half say that we “don’t know enough yet” about the issue to tell. Pew says that “business conservatives” and “steadfast conservatives” have the largest majorities that don’t believe in man-made global warming, with 75 percent and 71 percent, respectively.

Forty percent of Americans believe that mankind is causing the planet to warm. So-called “solid liberals” are the most likely to say human activity is warming the Earth — 78 percent of this group believes this to be true.

But younger cohorts of voters also seem to be more worried about global warming, according to Pew. Even among the group called “young outsiders,” belief in man-made global warming is high, as 37 percent of this cohort believes mankind is responsible for heating the planet.

Pew describes “young outsiders” as “a right leaning group” that diverges “from the conservative groups in their social liberalism, while holding deeply conservative values about the role of government and the social safety net.”

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