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Poor IPCC: Pachauri’s TERI In Cahoots With India’s Leading Tobacco Company

Remember that Al Gore told us that “Cigarette smoking is a “significant contributor to global warming!”

Well, in amongst a heap of greeny initiatives in this ExpressIndia  piece, we find a snippet about cigarettes which doesn’t attract the usual vituperation, because, hey,  they are green. (Someone once told me that’s the color they are in California).

Friendly Factory
An unusual, eco-friendly initiative sees a cigarette factory doing it’s bit for environmental conservation.

The ITC Cigerette Factory in Pune is designed with the objective of utilising natural resources and reducing energy consumption. It has been fully operational for the past 6 months and TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) has been assigned the task of assessing the efficiency of the energy system.

Wow, tobacco is a natural resource, it must be a CO2 sink as well, everybody start smoking….

Now what was that comparison between AGW skeptics  and the tobacco industry?

(Dr Rajendra Pachauri, head of the IPCC is the Director General of The Energy and Resources Institute, TERI).

TERI and the ITC Cigarette Factory, Pune

‘ITC Cigarette Factory is one of the premier cigarette producing factories in India. The factory is located at Ranjangaon, Pune. The factory was cautiously designed by the architect with the objective of utilizing natural resources like daylight and reducing the requirement of AC. The whole design was reviewed by TERI and several interventions were proposed at the design stage with the objective of utilizing natural resources effectively and optimizing the overall performance of the various energy consuming system installed and hence the energy performance of factory.

The factory comprised of five sections defined as Primary Manufacturing division (PMD), Cut Tobacco section (CTS), Secondary Manufacturing Division (SMD), Wrapping material Section (WMS) and Finished good section (FGS). Each section is installed with different energy consuming system according to the process requirement. The factory is almost fully operational for past 6 months with PMD still under construction phase. The ITC Factory officials want to assess the efficiency of installed energy system at different sections and the corresponding Energy Performance Index (EPI). With this objective, TERI professional were contacted by ITC Cigarette Factory Pune team. TERI team visited the factory site to discuss and see the various energy systems installed. A detail proposal based on site visit and discussion with ITC team is submitted.’