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The Power Struggle That Could Break Britain’s Coalition Government

Editorial, Daily Mail

Enough is enough. With those three words, attacking the scourge of wind farms, Energy Minister John Hayes has launched a battle of wills that could strain the Coalition to breaking point.

For with the Lib Dems demanding that the Tory junior should be stripped of his responsibility for renewables, Mr Cameron must now decide whether to stand by his man – or throw him to the wolves to placate his partners.

If he leaves Mr Hayes where he is, this will surely be a resigning matter for the Lib Dem Energy Secretary Ed Davey, who has called for his removal.

But in all honour, Mr Cameron has no choice but to stand up for Mr Hayes over wind farms – and not only because he urged him to rethink the policy, saying: ‘Deliver a win for our people’.

More important, he owes a duty to the public to abandon this vastly expensive and hugely inefficient political vanity project – and lift a pointless blight on our countryside.

In this stand-off, Lib Dems (who have at best 9 per cent support) must blink first – or leave the Coalition, if they dare.

Daily Mail, 1 November 2012