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Prestigious French Think Tank Celebrates Climate Scepticism

Valéry Laramée de Tannenberg, EurActiv

For years, the French Academy of Sciences has hosted a lively debate between climate scientists and climate change deniers (sic). But it is not the only institution to be affected. 

At its latest administrative council meeting, the AX (the alumni association of the École Polytechique, in Paris) authorised the creation of a think tank dedicated to climate change, baptised X-Climat.

In itself, this is nothing unusual: the alumni of this prestigious university have already founded all sorts of specialist think tanks, particularly on environmental issues. So why not do the same for the climate?

Climate scam

But the name of the think tank’s president has set alarm bells ringing. Christian Gérondeau, the former president of the AX, is a fervent climate change denier (sic). The 77-year old is also a member [of the Academic Advisory Council] of the British climate sceptic Global Warming Policy Foundation think-thank (GWFP), founded by Nigel Lawson.

He is also the director of the French Association of Climate Optimists, whose objective is “To contribute to awareness about the evolution of the global temperature and the climate, and to provide evidence for the real scale, or absence, of its potential effects.”

Questioned by the Journal de l’Environnement, Pierre Séguin, the secretary general of the AX, defended the decision of his “comrades” to place Gérondeau at the head of the think-tank. “Progress is born of controversy,” he said.

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