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Professor Christopher Essex Joins GWPF Academic Advisory Council

The Global Warming Policy Foundation

The Global Warming Policy Foundation is pleased to announce that Professor Christopher Essex has joined the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council.


Christopher Essex is Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Applied Mathematics at The University of Western Ontario. He is the co-author, with Ross McKitrick, of Taken By Storm: The Troubled  Science, Policy and Politics of Global Warming (revised edition 2007). He co-discovered the entropy production paradox, computed the first accurate entropy production rate for the Earth, the first accurate temperature for laser radiation, and pioneered the concept of computational over-stabilization, which has implications for climate models. He is the chairman of the Permanent Monitoring Panel on Climate of the World Federation of Scientists.

The GWPF Academic Advisory Council is composed of scientists, economists and other experts who provide the GWPF with timely scientific, economic and policy advice. It reviews and evaluates new GWPF reports and papers, explores future research projects and makes recommendations on issues related to climate research and policy.

The other’s members of the GWPF Academic Advisory Council are:

Professor David Henderson (Chairman)
Adrian Berry
Sir Samuel Brittan
Sir Ian Byatt
Professor Robert Carter
Professor Vincent Courtillot
Professor Freeman Dyson
Christian Gerondeau
Dr Indur Goklany
Professor William Happer
Professor Terence Kealey
Professor Deepak Lal
Professor Richard Lindzen
Professor Ross McKitrick
Professor Robert Mendelsohn
Professor Sir Alan Peacock
Professor Ian Plimer
Professor Paul Reiter
Dr Matt Ridley
Sir Alan Rudge
Professor Nir Shaviv
Professor Philip Stott
Professor Henrik Svensmark
Professor Richard Tol
Dr David Whitehouse