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Public Support for Extracting Shale Gas Increasing in UK


Public support for extracting shale gas is increasing in the UK, according to the UK government’s latest Energy And Climate Change Public Attitude Tracker.

Eighteen percent of respondents in the 25th wave of the public attitude tracker said they supported the activity, compared to 16 percent in the 24th wave.

The most common reasons for supporting fracking, according to the latest wave of data, were said to be; reducing dependence on other countries for the UK’s energy supply (36 percent), the need to use all available energy sources (35 percent), and to reduce dependence on other fossil fuels (31 percent).

Forty-seven percent of participants in the 25th wave revealed that they neither supported or opposed extracting shale gas, with a further four percent saying they did not know whether they supported or opposed it. Thirty-two percent were opposed to fracking.

Commenting on the results of the latest public attitude tracker, Ken Cronin, the chief executive of UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG), said the industry body was pleased to see support for shale gas rising.

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