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Read my lips: Boris Johnson promises no tax hikes for his green agenda

The Sun

Boris Johnson has vowed his green agenda will not lead to any new tax rises for hardworking Brits.

Boris Johnson vows his green agenda will not lead to new tax rises
Boris Johnson vows his green agenda will not lead to new tax rises Credit: AFP

Speaking exclusively to The Sun the Prime Minister said this year’s Cop26 summit will not hit readers’ wallets with new levies on meat or carbon  – but instead “generate high quality, high skill, high wage jobs.”

The PM wants the UK to be carbon neutral by 2050 to meet his eco-goals – but has yet to unveil a detailed plan to make it happen.

Ministers are drawing up eco plans to bring to the table ahead of the UK hosting the UN’s big climate change summit in Glasgow later this year.

But there are fears that polluting (sic) taxes – currently only aimed at heavy industry, huge power generators and gas-guzzling airlines – will be extended to other parts of the economy that aren’t eco-friendly too.

Last month Downing Street distanced the PM from Whitehall plans for a meat tax – after MPs and experts rounded on the barmy plans.

The row was sparked after Treasury ordered officials to come up with plans to slap charges on anything that requires high carbon emissions to produce.

But asked specifically if there would be future meat or carbon taxes on consumers on his watch, Mr Johnson said: “no.”

‘Economic bounce back’

Instead Mr Johnson said going green was “an agenda for an economic bounce back that is built on the UK at the heart of a technological revolution as we were at the heart of the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago.”

Speaking to The Sun during a visit to a primary school in Stoke-on-Trent on Wednesday afternoon, the PM claimed: “200 years ago the West Midlands was the centre for iron and steel making and all the rest of it.”

“Coke fired iron was originally the green technology – using coke was the cleaner alternative. And it was pioneered in this country.

“So green technology, going forward with the green option, is very often the best way to drive, drive jobs, and drive the economy.”

Setting out his green vision he added: “We can be the centre of battery manufacturing, we can be the centre of  battery innovation in this part of the world. And as I say the Saudi Arabia of wind. That’s our ambition.”

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