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Record Cold Reported In Greenland

Danish Meteorological Institute

Last month’s weather observations in Greenland established not just one but two new records according to senior climatologist John Cappelen.

“The total precipitation received in Tasiilaq was only 0.1 mm in July. This has never happened since we have taken measurements up there – and we have made them there since 1898,” said the climatologist.

“And although it has been generally warm in Greenland in the summer – particularly on the East Coast – the second record was actually a cold record.”

On August 1, the Danish Meteorological Institute’s measuring station registered an appalling -30.7 ° C at the ice cap’s summit.

“This is the lowest temperature for July we have from this station,” said John Cappelen.

The previous record was -27.7 ° C on 30 July 1992.

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