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Reminder: Climate Change ‘Causing Colder British Winters’ Says Met Office Chief Scientist

Huffington Post

11 April 2013: The chief scientist at the Met Office has called an urgent meeting to discuss the effects of climate change, saying the melting of the arctic may be causing the UK’s recent spate of perishing weather.

After a winter in which temperatures dropped as low as −15.6C, Dr Julia Slingo told ITV News global warming may be responsible for the extreme weather, saying she would be convening with top scientists to try and understand how the arctic melt was affecting the UK.

She told the broadcaster: “If this is how climate change could manifest itself, then we need to understand that as a matter of urgency.

“We are beginning to think that our climate is being disrupted by the warming of the artic that we’ve observed very dramatically since 2007.

“It definitely seems like the warming of the arctic is “loading the dice” over cold dry winters.” […]

As Britain experienced freezing cold weather and snow, with thousands of homes across the UK without power, the government’s outgoing chief advisor warned last month that climate change will bring greater extremes.

After the coldest March for 50 years, Professor Sir John Beddington said Britain was already experiencing climate change.

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