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Decentralising the grid for green power is weakening national security

The unintended consequences of climate policy keep coming bubbling to the surface. Over the weekend, the former director of National Grid Steve Holliday has warned that the whole electricity grid is now vulnerable to cyber attacks. There are just so many entry points to the grid now, that it’s becoming hard to protect them all. And the reason is, of course, eco-policy:

He said the danger posed to energy systems was coming to the fore now because of the trend away from well-protected, centralised large power stations and towards decentralised power, such as lots of small, flexible gas power plants and solar panels on homes.

Coming after the desecration of the landscape by windfarms, the starvation and hunger caused by biofuels, the impacts on wildlife – not to mention the price rises – this latest news would certainly make any rational policymaker throw in the renewables towel; the costs simply outweigh the (purported) benefits.

But it’s probably not wise to hold your breath.