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Revitalise North Sea exploration and start fracking — or lose Putin’s energy war for good

Press Release

Unless Boris Johnson encourages further exploration in the North Sea and removes his fracking ban and explores Britain’s shale gas resources the UK will become  impotent in face of Putin’s energy war.

The Russian invasion of Eastern Ukraine is a dramatic escalation of the UK’s worst energy and security crisis since World War II and calls for decisive deterrence by Britain and its Western allies.

Putin’s declaration that Ukraine is ‘a historical part of Russia’ suggests that the invasion of Donetsk and Luhansk are only his first steps in a wider campaign of Russian expansion.

One of the most effective responses to Russia’s expansionist plans (in addition to sanctions, asset seizures and travel restrictions for Putin’s London-based oligarchs and their families) is for the UK to revitalise North sea exploration for oil and gas and finally kick-start a shale gas revolution to enhance Britain’s energy supply and national security. 

Domestic shale gas production would substitute for Britain’s rapidly rising imports which are  increasingly dependent on Russia’s European gas flows.

Just 10 per cent of the shale gas recovered from the Bowland basin in the north of England could supply 50 years of current UK gas demand and would significantly undercut the demand for imported gas.  

Net Zero Watch director, Dr Benny Peiser said: 

The government’s short-sighted and premature suppression of North Sea exploration and failure to develop the UK’s enormous shale gas wealth has been incentivising Putin’s energy wars and has become a major disaster for national security.
Unless Boris Johnson puts domestic gas production first and isolates Putin’s useful green idiots, the UK will become impotent in face of Putin’s energy war.”

Note for journalists and bloggers:

Net Zero Watch has published a new paper on how to restart Britain’s shale gas exploration

Tim Worstall: Restarting UK Shale Gas (pdf)