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Rex Murphy: US Democrats’ ‘Green New Deal’ will turn America into Venezuela

Rex Murphy, National Post

The Green New Deal uses environmentalism as a lever to pursue a far-larger, more sinister, agenda, a mad leap to a socialist nightworld

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is out to prove she is the Thomas Jefferson of the infantile social-justice progressive Left. And she is doing one (non-carbon emitting) hell of a job. She is a marvel. In her mere 35 days as a freshperson in Congress she’s made her mark. She’s the Cardi B (I like to fake hipitude) of the Democratic party (the very seal of death to the Hillary era – it’s done); she takes to Twitter like a (Donald) duck to water, provokes whole rivers of drool over at CNN and MSNBC, and is the very embodiment and avatar of every social-justice warrior and barista malcontent’s idea of the perfect politician.

Ocasio-Cortez, like the Bishop of Ussher before her, knows when the world will end: 2030. She has said so — “We only have 12 years left.” And on that rock she has built her church. Her policies are determined from her predetermined date of apocalypse in 2030, unless … unless we heed her urgent call.

Ms. O-C, as I shall sometimes for brevity refer to her, is thereby much to be prized. She is the most perfect example ever offered to the public at large of a Greener who says what is on the Green mind, who doesn’t water down the message to avoid scaring off people whose feet occasionally make contact with the ground, one who puts in writing for all to read what it really means if you believe all the stuff about skinny polar bears and deliquescent ice caps, shrinking lobsters and sinking cities, the whole dreary catalogue of infinite earthly degradation about to fall on us all, if “climate change” as the cause of wars, warts, pestilence and famine and whatever else can be put on a bullet-list, is not stopped in its tracks — now!

She out-Suzuki’s Suzuki. She out Naomi’s Klein. If Al Gore had wed Jane Goodall, and Elizabeth May presided at the ceremony, eventually the world would have cheered the nativity of someone very likely to grow up as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Captain Marvel of the Green movement.

I suspect her poster adorns Catherine McKenna’s office wall. Justin Trudeau himself, were he not now preoccupied with a recalcitrant minister and fiddling with disaster on the persnickety principle of the rule of law — and how it intersects with one’s popularity in Quebec — would probably do a bhangra in her honour. So Green she is, he would ask her for a selfie.

Last week, Ms. O-C issued one of the greatest fantasy projections since H.P. Lovecraft was possessed by the anima of Lewis Carroll. Read it and weep America.

It’s called the Green New Deal, the greeniest dream wish list so far to come out of the church of global warming. Compared with Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, the grim nostrums of the NDP Leap Manifesto could have been written by Pat Buchanan on sabbatical at the Fraser Institute. She provided this rationale and description:

“IPCC Report said global emissions must be cut by 40-60% by 2030. U.S. is 20% of total emissions. We must get to 0 by 2030 and lead the world in a global Green New Deal.

“This is a massive transformation of our society with clear goals and a timeline at a scale not seen since World War 2.”

A mere sample of her vision reveals its dreary grandeur. She wants to:

— Take the airplanes out of the sky — monorails will replace air travel. Bye-bye Amazon, bye-bye FedEx, bye-bye Boeing, bye-bye American Airlines, all domestic aircraft.

— Retrofit every single building in the United States — tower and tent, home and office, townhouse and condo, shed and shelter — in less than 10 years. (This would require a workforce — carpenters, engineers, plumbers, electricians etc — only slightly less than the population of India. Leaving no one to fix, repair, replace or maintain anything else. And ignores the need for a pyramid-size workforce to build the infinite windmill replacing all other sources of power.)

— Eliminate the internal combustion engine, stripping the nation of all cars, boats, bulldozers, cranes and tractors. Bye-bye General Motors, bye-bye Ford, bye-bye automobile workers, bye-bye unions.

— Go to fossil fuel zero before the end times. This amounts to shutting down or off the greatest industrial economy the world has ever seen — in 10 years no less.

— Regulate the back exhaust (may I be explicit? — the explosive expulsions) of all cattle. Imagine Anthony Hopkins in the Silencing of the Cows — stoppers or plugs — your call. (To all kine reading this — URGENT. Head for Mexico. NOW.)

— Guarantee every American an income, including all who are “unwilling to work.” (O-C tried to walk this back, but it was there in the FAQ sent to National Public Radio. There are screenshots aplenty.)

— Free health care for all. Housing for all. Free everything for all.

Contrary to some overwrought responses, it does NOT call for the public strangulation of the rich and the disembowelment of billionaires, however diverting that spectacle would be. Only because there will be no need. In unmitigable despair, they will seek traditional exits from this vale of tears via skyscraper window ledges (the stockbroker leap) and braided hemp neckties (the oak branch-high-above-the ground-in-the-backyard farewell) all on their own.

And this is just a sample.

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