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Another Roadmap: UN Aviation Body Delays CO2 Emissions Deal Until 2020


The United Nations’ civil aviation body has reached outline agreement on a global scheme to curb airline carbon emissions, casting a shadow over a rival EU plan to lower pollution from planes.

The executive committee of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) agreed late on Thursday on a roadmap to create the world’s first global, market-based scheme by 2020.

The full assembly of ICAO delegates still has to vote later on Friday on the plan, which would also need agreement on further detail at the next ICAO general assembly in three years.

The European Union had sought a much more robust agreement as well as a framework to shore up its own Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) which is central to its climate policy and requires all airlines using EU airports to pay for emissions.

Analysts say the European Parliament, which is opposed to a weak deal, could reject the Montreal package, risking an upsurge in trade war threats that pitched the European Union against the rest of the world last year.

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