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Roger Harrabin Forced To Retract Latest BBC Lie

Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

Readers may recall this BBC report from Roger Harrabin in May, which falsely stated that there was a ban on new onshore wind farms.

This is an outright lie, promulgated by the renewable lobby and often repeated by the likes of Jillian Ambrose.

I filed an official complaint with the BBC, along with one of our regular readers. Weeks went by without a response, other than a “sorry for the delay” message. Eventually they fobbed me off with an amendment of the article to read “effective ban”, at which stage I lost the will to live!

Fortunately the other complainant refused to accept this and pressed for a full retraction. He has now received this reply:


The article now contains this Correction:

Of course, we still have the same old problem – nobody will now read this correction, so the misleading message will have gained traction.

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