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Roger Helmer: EU Parliament Votes Down The 30% Emissions Proposal

The Eickhout report proposed to raise the EU’s emissions reduction target from the current 20% by 2020 to 30%. The Conservative MEP delegation takes the view that it would support 30% only if the rest of the world signed up to the same figure — and that won’t happen.

For myself, I oppose 30% absolutely (and 20% as well), as it will have no effect on climate, but will make energy more expensive, and drive energy-intensive businesses offshore to jurisdictions with lower environmental standards. So we could well end up with two tons of CO2 in India or China to save one ton in the UK.

Higher emissions targets will force up energy prices even more quickly than Chris Huhne’s current plans will do, driving more households into fuel poverty and putting thousands of pensioners at real risk of harm from winter cold.

The Guardian has tried to talk up a “rift” between Tory MEPs and the Party in Westminster. In fact, we’ve agreed to differ (and many Conservative back-benchers in Westminster would support our opposition to 30%).

I am delighted to record that the whole report was voted down today (July 5th) by a substantial margin. It’s difficult to predict what will come next, but I can’t see the Commission coming forward with legislation based on the 30% target after the parliament has decisively rejected it.

A job well done.

Roger Helmer (MEP), Brussels, 5 July 2011

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