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Ronald Bailey At The House Of Lords On The End of Doom


As I made my way toward the Paris climate change conference, Benny Peiser, the director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation in London, very kindly invited to me last week to make a presentation about my new book, The End of Doom: Environmental Renewal in the Twenty-first Century. Lord Bernard Donoughue generously arranged for the discussion to be held in a committee room at the House of Lords.

Before the session, Peiser interviewed me for GWPF TV about my book and closely questioned me about my analysis of the science related to man-made global warming. We also discussed what sort of agreement might be reached at the Paris conference. I think it’s fair to say that I think man-made global warming is more likely to cause significant problems for humanity as this century unfolds than do the folks at the GWPF. As I explain in my video interview, I think that the balance of the evidence supports my view, but the evidence is not beyond a reasonable doubt. I will be very happy to be proven wrong. Additionally, one must always keep in mind that what government is planning to do about global warming is likely to be worse than global warming.

In any case in include the video of my interview below.