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Royal Society Journal: Species Rediscovered, But Paper On Its Extinction Remains

Retraction Watch

A few weeks ago, in Weekend Reads, we highlighted the story of a snail species, thought to have gone extinct thanks to global warming, that had been rediscovered. […]

We asked Battarbee what the journal attributed the incorrect findings to if “neither misconduct nor honest error have been the cause:”

The independent referees who peer-reviewed the paper considered that the conclusion that the snail had become extinct was a reasonable inference from the available data at the time of  publication.  Since publication in 2007 new evidence has come to light which has shown that this conclusion appears to be incorrect.

We also noted that the original abstract page does not contain any mention of the findings being incorrect. If readers scroll past the abstract to the “Articles citing this article,” there is a link to the editorial, but shouldn’t a clear message be more prominent? Apparently, that will take more developments. Battarbee tells Retraction Watch:

In order to update the scientific record new evidence needs to be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.  Once this new evidence is formally available we will evaluate the need for further updates to this paper and take appropriate action if necessary.  In the meantime the Editorial serves to inform and update the scientific community on this matter.

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