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Has Rupert Murdoch Turned Into A Climate Change Sceptic?

Ian Burrell, The Independent

James Murdoch had been moved to speak out in response to an article in his Wall Street Journal by Matt Ridley.

<em>Illustration: Rocco Fazzari</em>

There must have been some heads in hands at the New York HQ of the self-proclaimed “first global media company to achieve carbon neutral”.

Executives at News Corp have spent several years building the company’s green credentials, under the guidance of Rupert Murdoch, only for the founder and executive chairman to suggest it may have all been a waste of time and money. “World growing greener with increased carbon,” the media mogul wrote on Twitter last Sunday. “Thirty years of satellite evidence. Forests growing faster and thicker.”

The outburst was part of a flurry of activity from Mr Murdoch on his new favourite communications platform. A little earlier his target had been the search for renewable energy and the strain it places on public spending. “Why not switch from useless renewable energy investments to real job creating infrastructure projects. Many great possibilities waiting,” he wrote.

Mr Murdoch had been moved to speak out partly by an article in his Wall Street Journal by Matt Ridley, a provocative science author and a columnist on the paper. In a piece last Saturday, headlined “The Greening of the Planet”, Ridley wrote: “Did you know that the earth is getting greener, quite literally. Satellites are now confirming that the amount of green vegetation on the planet has been increasing for three decades.”

While there may seem nothing remarkable about a free-market capitalist expressing doubts about the environmental consensus around climate change, Mr Murdoch’s tweets appear to hint at a change of heart for someone who had previously warned of the dangers of global warming.

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