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Sceptical Documentary Outguns Alarmists In The Global Warming War

Rebecca Terrell, The New American

Once a learned phobia takes root, convincing its believers of the truth is nearly impossible, but the producers of a new documentary may have found the key. Their well-researched and creatively presented video The Global Warming War defies dogmas of the most hardened climate-alarmist faithful.


Testimonials by dozens of scientists, government advisors, and other climate experts, including exclusive interviews with the founders of The Weather Channel and the World Rainforest Movement, expose the myth of “consensus” and prove the strength of scientifically skeptical arguments.

“There is so much unfair reporting that comes from the mainstream media, and climate change is being influenced more by politics than actual climate science,” producer Luke Dillard of South House Entertainment told The New American. “I wanted to make a documentary that outlined the actual science, without all of the political obscuration.”

Dillard has certainly achieved his goal. The video opens with a warning issued in 1961 by then-President Dwight Eisenhower — part of his farewell address to the nation — about a government-funded “scientific-technological elite.” His words set the stage for the 88-minute documentary, separated into 14 well-organized chapters that cover all facets of the climate-change debate. Using state-of-the-art graphics and input from experts and professionals in related fields, each section reveals actual data and research that debunk widely accepted fictions. Polar bears aren’t dying off, ice caps aren’t melting, temperatures aren’t spiraling upwards, rates of extreme weather events aren’t skyrocketing — in short, the sky isn’t falling.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. The Global Warming War also discloses bureaucratic chicanery masked as environmentalism, which is forming economically and socially destructive policies in the United States and worldwide. It emphasizes the urgent need to disentangle the public from their ingrained weather phobias. […]

Dillard wants his documentary to change lives by exposing the truth. “I hope it inspires the United Nations to ease its regulations and sanctions on the impoverished nations,” he wrote in an e-mail to The New American. “People who are in poverty are the ones who need access to electricity the most, but they’re being told they can’t have it because of this pseudo-scientific global warming hypothesis.”

The Global Warming War won the 2014 best documentary feature film award at the Big Easy International Film Festival, a significant accomplishment considering that organization touts itself as “green.” The documentary has garnered other honors: a silver medal from the 2014 International Independent Film Awards and the Royal Reel Award from the 2015 Canada International Film Festival, along with official selections in five other U.S. film festivals. Both trailer and video can be accessed through the website

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