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What Is Science Doing To Address Climate Change? Voice of Russia Debate

Voice of Russia

In Britain many people are still recovering from what the Met Office has said are the wettest conditions for more than a hundred and fifty years. The Met Office chief scientist has said the wake of severe floods and Atlantic storms, there is a clear evidence to link the extreme weather to climate change. What is science doing to address the issue? VoR’s Tim Ecott hosts a discussion.

Joining Tim are:

Dr Benny Peiser, Director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, think tank focusing on socio-economic aspects of climate policy

Georgy Safonov, Director for the Centre of Environmental Economics at the National Research University

Tom Harris, Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSE) in Ottawa


Benny Peiser:

“I think that science in this case, unfortunately, is not the answer. The answer is engineering. The reason why we’ve had the floods is that the country is ill-prepared and ill-advised. In other countries like Holland they properly manage rivers and flood defences. All of this is basically lacking and the Met Office is partly responsible for the mess because they advised MPs just two years ago to expect colder and dryer winters. They got it wrong. Therefore you can’t link it to climate change because it cannot do both: have warmer and wetter winters and colder and dryer winters at the same time.

Full debate: