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Shale Gas In The UK: An Energy Policy Game Changer?

Shale gas in the UK: an energy policy game changer?

The Institute of Economics Affairs’ 22nd Annual Beesley Lecture Series

20th September 2012, Institute of Directors, London


Howard Rogers

Speaker: Howard Rogers

Director, Natural Gas Research Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Benny Peiser

Chair and Commentator: Benny Peiser

Director, Global Warming Policy Foundation


Conference overview:

Will shale gas revolutionise the UK energy industry? This lecture will provide an historic perspective of gas in the UK energy mix, and examine future gas supply and prices, and how shale gas might impact energy policy.

  • Gas in the UK energy mix – an historic perspective
  • Future UK gas supply and prices in a globalising market
  • The interaction between gas, coal and renewables
  • The prospects for UK shale gas and the impact on energy policy