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Shale Gas Set For Key Role In UK Energy Reset

Jamie Ashcroft, Proactive Investor News

Given that Britain currently imports about half its gas, domestic sources such as shale may be crucial if it is to replace coal-fired power by 2025

UK shale formations may yield huge volumes of gas in the future
A reflex analysis of the UK government’s plans to scrap coal-fired power by 2025 suggests the pressure is being ratcheted higher for shale gas projects to go ahead.Amber Rudd, Britain’s energy secretary, today unveiled new government policy that proposes coal-fired gas generation accounting for around 25% of the country’s current power needs should be switched off ten years from now, to be replaced by gas-powered stations.One slight flaw in that plan is the fact that, amid falling output from the North Sea, the UK currently has to import around half its existing gas needs.Proponents of Britain’s nascent shale gas industry, which estimate that the reliance on imports could potentially rise to 75% over the next fifteen years, believe that domestic gas should now play an important role.

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