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Should Global Warming Skeptics Go To Court, Be Tossed In Prison?

Kerry Jackson, Investor's Business Daily

Conform, alarmists threaten — or else.

It only seems that the world has gone crazy. It just appears that way … right? Right? Maybe it has indeed. Consider that a group of U.S. academics has asked the White House to prosecute under federal RICO statutes organizations and corporations that don’t believe the story that global warming is a man-made phenomenon, while on the other side of the Atlantic a law professor wants the International Court of Justice to decide if human activity is warming the planet.

Will offenders be made to wear a verdant D on their tunics so they can be easily identified as unclean “deniers” of the green faith?

There’s a strong temptation to let these ideas stand without comment and allow them to molder as much foolishness does. They are so on-their-face absurd that they should illicit no more than laughter.

But we know there will be some individuals — many of whom appear to be otherwise reasonable — thinking that these are just dandy proposals.

The warming-alarmist community is fond of saying that science is on its side, that skeptics are deniers in the worst sense of that word. But asking federal law enforcement officials to prosecute nonbelievers as if they are members of an organized-crime family and a court to decide that man is causing climate change is about as far away from science as Beethoven is from Bon Jovi.

These proposals aren’t about science, they’re about bullying. The alarmist community wants to use the force of government to require people who are skeptical — because they’ve seen cooked temperature data, watched the warming models fail, are aware of conspiring researchers and think for themselves — to adopt its belief system. Conform, alarmists threaten — or else.

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