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Sky News: German Authorities Are Cracking Down On ‘Climate Dissent’

Sky News

YouTuber and climate realist Naomi Seibt says governments across the world are cracking down on dissent, especially when it comes to contentions issues like the response to COVID-19 and climate change.

Ms Seibt is currently being threatened with imprisonment by German authorities after she refused to take down three of her videos, with authorities claiming her videos do not comply with the law.

“They are abusing these crisis’ to push tyranny and to silence the people who have different opinions or who do their research,” Ms Seibt told Sky News.

“Once again we can see that state going against people like me and trying to silence us,” she said. “I made them (the videos) because I do stand by what I say, and I do question the science behind the climate change mainstream agenda”.

“I do believe most climate activists don’t know what they’re talking about and there is so much propaganda being put out there. “We need to push against this and fight for more climate realism and freedom of speech again.”

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