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Spain’s plans to have 2,000 electric cars on the road by the end of 2010 have been dealt a blow as figures showed just 16 have been sold.

The government-backed REVE electric car and wind power project said 15 cars had been sold so far this year, in addition to one last year.

In April, the government said it would invest 590m euros ($775m; £490m) in the production of electric cars.

It aims to have 250,000 electric and hybrid vehicles in circulation by 2014.

REVE played down the poor sales.

“The figures are similar to what happened in the beginning with personal computers or mobile phones,” it said.

“The first models are expensive and with few options and initial sales were low.”

The 16 models sold in Spain were made by Norwegian car maker Think.

BBC News, 11 August 2010