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On Feb 26, 2010, as part of their first response to Climategate, Thomas Stocker, a Climategate correspondent of Phil Jones and by then Co-Chair of AR5 WG1, sent a still secret letter to all AR4 Lead Authors, Coordinating Lead Authors and Review Editors under the letterhead of WG1, purporting, it seems, to represent the parent IPCC organization. The existence of this secret email came to light as a result of David Holland’s persistence in trying to cut through IPCC authoritarianism and secrecy. After learning of its existence, David submitted an FOI request, which has been refused, and which is now under appeal at the Tribunal.

In May 2010, Briffa solicited support statements from his pals at IPCC in connection with the Muir Russell “inquiry”. (Muir Russell didn’t bother asking IPCC himself, contenting himself with letters from Briffa’s pals.) In Briffa’s submission to Muir Russell on May 19, 2010, he included, as Supporting Document C, a document described as “Statements provided by IPCC AR5 WGI TSU, prepared in consultation with the former Co-Chair and TSU of WGI for the AR4.”

On October 22, 2010, Holland (FOI 10-122) see here asked for the original document, showing who precisely had sent it. On November 19, 2010, he received the following document:

From: IPCC WGI TSU {Berne]
Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2010 4:58 PM
To: Phil Jones
Subject: Response to questions on IPCC WGI AR4 process

Dear Phil,
you asked for input from the IPCC AR5 WGI TSU to help you prepare answers to some questions raised in the context of the Muir Russell enquiry. Attached please find the response which has been prepared in consultation with the former Co-Chair and TSU of WGI for the AR4.
Best regards

On March 2, 2011, Holland submitted a follow-up inquiry (FOI-11-048) for the attachment to the May 16, 2010 that UEA had failed to provide. Not really a new inquiry, but it was given a new number. Holland added the following request:

Please provide me with a copy of any emails dated from 25 February 2010 to 16 May 2010 between the IPCC WGI TSU in Bern, Dr Solomon or Jonathan Overpeck and Professors Jones or Briffa or Dr Osborn relating to the Russell Review or the IPCC Fourth Assessment or my submission to the Russell Review

On March 30, UEA provided a partial response, including a letter of May 13, 2010 from Briffa to IPCC AR4 Coordinating Lead Author Overpeck soliciting a testimonial to the Muir Ryssell panel and Overpeck’s response of the same day. It also included a cover email from Stocker (dba IPCC WG1) to IPCC AR4 Lead AUthors dated Feb 26, 2010 – just within the time frame of Holland’s request. Note that this was to AR4 Lead Authors not AR5 Lead Authors.

As typical, UEA did not include the attachment. Holland is used such tricks (TM- climate science) from UEA and submitted another request in May 2011, this time for the attachment to the Feb 26, 2010 email, containing the actual message from Stocker to AR4 Lead Authors.

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