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Steven Hayward: The Continuing Collapse Of The Climate Campaign

While many environmentalists and their toadies in the media are trying to paint the latest UN climate meeting in Durban as a significant breakthrough, Nature magazine, which usually follows the talking points of climate orthodoxy slavishly, is having nothing of it.  In this week’s editorial, ‘The Mask Slips,” Nature says “It takes a certain kind of optimism — or an outbreak of collective Stockholm syndrome — to see the Durban outcome as a significant breakthrough on global warming, as many are claiming.”

Of course, Nature is hoping for some kind of economy-killing super-Kyoto Protocol, but is honest enough to recognize that the latest agreement—the “Durban Platform”—is merely a fig leaf over the increasingly abject failure of this whole idiotic process, though it did achieve the most important objective of dipsomanaics diplomats, an agreement to meet again next year.  As Nature puts it, “In the search for a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, we now have the Durban Platform, which comes on the heels of the Bali Road Map and the Copenhagen Accord.”  In future years I expect we can look forward to the Frankfurt Farce, the Rio Reneg, the Tokyo Two-Step, the Melbourne Mumble, and the Marrakesh One-Two.

Meanwhile, speaking of masks slipping, in much less amusing news climate policy itself increasingly reveals its ugly fascist side.  In Kenya, the Guardian reported yesterday, 2,000 Samburu tribespeople were “violently evicted” from land they had been occupying for more than 20 years after two U.S.-based environmental groups had purchased the land for conservation purposes.  Even assuming the title to the land was in fact clear, the U.S. groups—the Nature Conservancy and African Wildlife Foundation—were going to turn the land over to the Kenyan government.  Guess who they bought it from in the first place?  A government official.  This represents progress how, exactly?

Apparently eco-imperialism is the one form of imperialism that is okay with liberal elites.