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The Sun: Blame Energy Price Rises On The Green Bandwagon

Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun

Anger over fuel bills is being stoked by new evidence that the global warming panic was overcooked from the start.

HERE we are in late October, after the balmiest summer in recent memory, and it’s still possible to walk round in shirt sleeves or a light pullover.

If this is global warming, let’s have more. Far from being the end of life as we know it, climate change may actually turn out to be A Good Thing.

So why, as world energy prices are forced down by the American fracking revolution, are Sun readers hit by fuel bill rises nudging ten per cent?

Why are greedy energy suppliers charging households a record £1,400 a year to warm their homes while OAPs choose between heating and eating?

Why are we paying rip-off prices for gas and electricity when an ocean of shale lies untapped beneath our feet?

Yes, blame the scaremongers who claim the world faces a climate catastrophe with melting ice caps and surging ocean levels while refusing to let us drill for cleaner energy.

But first blame knee-jerk politicians who jumped on the Green bandwagon because they saw votes in Armageddon.

They picked the worst economic crisis in modern times to make hard-pressed families pay for their hasty over-reaction.

As Energy supremo under Gordon Brown, “Red Ed” Miliband lumbered us with green taxes forcing energy prices into the stratosphere for years.

Now, with staggering hypocrisy, he demands a price freeze to reverse policies he inflicted.

In Opposition, husky-hugging David Cameron raised the stakes still higher and insisted Britain must have the lowest carbon emissions in Europe.

Today Chancellor George Osborne is desperately trying to scrap green taxes, warning Britain must not go broke trying to save the world. High-minded Lib Dems refuse to budge.

Anger over fuel bills is being stoked by new evidence that the global warming panic was overcooked from the start.

Yes, the planet is warming. But the UN climate committee which started the scare now admits its scorched earth predictions were out by roughly 200 per cent. It has reduced scary forecasts of a 2-3C temperature rise by 2100 to just 1.5C, a tolerable level to which we can easily adapt.

So sea level rises are less likely to cause flooding and there has been no significant increase in freak weather.

Importantly, warmer weather saves lives. While cold kills the frail and elderly in their thousands, few die from warmth.

So the prospect of melting ice caps, submerged cities and sunburned continents may have been at best a grotesque exaggeration and at worst a hysterical con.

Yet just as the potential benefits emerge, debt-laden Britain has opted for costly windmills, wood-burning power stations and biofuel crops that take food from hungry mouths.

This is an expensive indulgence when Britain produces a tiny fraction of global carbon emissions and China is building a new coal-fired power station every week.

The EU, unsurprisingly, will spend £165BILLION every year until the end of this century on its green energy drive. Britain’s share will be a stupendous £1.8TRILLION.

What do we get in return? Scientists predict a possible drop in air temperature too small to register on a normal thermometer. For every £100 spent fighting climate change we get a measly £3 in benefit.

Now Archbishop Justin Welby, a former oil executive, has begged energy giants to stop turning the screw.

British Gas and other price hikes of almost ten per cent are “inexplicable”. “They should behave with generosity and not merely to maximise opportunity,” he adds.

His appeal for compassion from this rapacious cartel is a waste of breath.

It is up to the Government. George Osborne must axe green taxes costing householders £120 a year.

And David Cameron must bring to Britain the shale gas revolution which is enriching America with cheap, cleaner fuel and thousands of jobs.

The Sun 20 October 2013