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Sun Editorial: Blast Of Hot Air

Editorial, The Sun

Let’s nail a climate change lie trotted out in the House of Commons yesterday and apparently swallowed by David Cameron.

Lib Dem Mp Tim Farron said of the flooding: “The science is clear that the extreme weather is at least in part a destructive and inevitable consequence of climate change.”

He urged the Prime Minister to “support the carbon-reduction action to protect people and property.”

Leave aside how many thousands of years it would take Britons, by becoming greener, to affect the global temperature sufficiently to “protect people and property” – scientists are NOT linking the storms with climate change.

The Met Office says: “There is currently no evidence that links our current storms to climate change.”

It even says there is no evidence the terrible floods were anything but, well, a rainy winter.

Our PM “suspects” the storms are linked to global warming … but he’s not sure and he’s no expert.

Shame he didn’t ask one.

The Sun, 9 January 2014