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Sun Poll: Britain’s Backing Fracking

Ben Jackson, The Sun

SHALE gas won the overwhelming support of  readers yesterday as the answer to the UK’s energy crisis.

A poll we ran found almost three-quarters of you were in favour of mining the massive reserves — using technology known as fracking — which lie under many parts of the country.

Sun fracking poll rersults

Sun readers signalled, “We’re backing fracking” by 71 per cent to 29 per cent after experts estimated there are 1.3trillion cubic feet of gas lying buried between Blackpool and Scarborough.

It is thought roughly a tenth of that could be accessed — enough to last the UK for over 40 years.

A total of 2,502 votes in our website poll showed 1,776 in favour and 726 against.

Chris Davies, Lib Dem MEP for North West England, said: “I’ve spoken to residents around the exploration sites who have concerns, as people near any industrial development would do.

“But yes, I am supportive subject to the right controls.”

Energy Minister Michael Fallon said: “Shale gas is a great opportunity for Britain. It could provide secure energy, generate investment and create jobs.”

But Friends of the Earth’s Head of Campaigns Andrew Pendleton said: “Shale gas has been hugely over-hyped.

“It pollutes the atmosphere, it threatens communities and there’s plenty of evidence that it won’t drive down fuel bills.”

‘Ugly sis’ 2 fight back

Chris Smith and Ed Davey
Criticised … Chris Smith, left, and Ed Davey

ENERGY minister Ed Davey and Environment Agency chairman Chris Smith last night hit back at Lord Lawson.

The ex-Tory Energy Secretary called the pair “ugly sisters” harming chances of a UK shale gas boom.

But Lord Smith said: “Our approach is that fracking can be a major part of Britain’s future energy needs.”

Mr Davey said: “Lord Lawson perpetuates the myth we need to choose renewables or gas. We don’t.”

The Sun, 11 July 2013