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Heliophobia On Stilts: Sunshine Fear Halts Jersey School Beach Trip

BBC News

A school’s annual beach day has been scrapped over concerns about the dangers of midday sunshine.

heliophobia by josephineas

More than 200 pupils at St George’s Preparatory School in Jersey were due to have a day at the beach in July.

But after hearing a health department warning about skin cancer on the island, headmaster Colin Moore said the school would be organising “a less exposed alternative event”.

Mr Moore said “the children’s health must take priority”.

He said the decision was made with “considerable regret”.

“I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t go to the beach… but I think there is a big difference between taking your family to the beach and 210 or 220 children.”

He said the school may “resurrect” its visit to the beach in future years if adequate shading is available.

The average Jersey temperature in July is 14C to 20C, compared with 11C to 19C in the UK, according to the Met Office.

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