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The BBC And A Climate Of Hysteria

Kathy Gyngell, The Conservative Woman

In what you’d be forgiven for thinking was a parody of itself, BBC’s Radio Four Today programme yesterday produced a synergy of scaremongering from Broadcasting House to Bournemouth.

It started with thrilled reporting of the former government chief scientist’s latest climate alarm speech. Professor Sir David King is frightened, very frightened and if you don’t believe me you can hear him here at 37 minutes in. He’s has been predicting the end of the habitable world for quite some time now. Now it is imminent.

He certainly managed to agitate the motherly Martha Kearney. She could not of course question any of his assertions, since ‘denial’ as they call any questioning of their climate stories is banned by the BBC. She managed however to express her worry that these extreme predictions were getting a bit too much for our brainwashed teenagers (my description not hers) beset, as a result, by a new mental health syndrome – eco-anxiety. I kid you not.

The woke BBC found itself in somewhat of a dilemma. What mattered most, climate or children’s mental health, the matter reported elsewhere of parents instructed to stop terrifying their kids with talk of climate catastrophe. Given the rising numbers of anxious  children seeking therapy was it necessary for scientists to frighten them quite so much, she asked, forgetting the BBC’s own role to the fore and centre of this. The Ministry of Truth’s messenger of environmental woe was on hand to tell her it was. Quite necessary said Roger Harrabin, taking the opportunity to repeat King’s dire warnings.

The increase in extreme weather conditions though as yet unproven (he muttered) we would be stupid not to see as a result of climate change.*

Yes there was concern about the impact on young people’s mental health of ‘the end of the world as we know it’. But sorry Martha, it had to be. Scientists he had personally surveyed said they indeed did have to use this sort of emotional language.  Because, you see, we’ve been talking in ‘dry scientific terms’ for years and ‘nobody’s been taking much notice’.


Not the BBC, the government’s climate change committees, the schools and every other part of the establishment and business now aboard the new zero carbon bandwagon?  

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